Let's celebrate!


Have a special event coming up such as a graduation or life milestone? Let's get you polished up! From colors to updos, cuts to perms, look no further! If you have a date in the future, feel free to contact me to see my availability.

If you have a particular hairstyle in mind for an upcoming event, be sure to mention it to me while booking or inquiring! That way, I can be sure to be prepared on your event day.

Typical events that I am able to prepare you for include...

  • Graduations
  • Proms
  • Special Birthdays
  • Work Parties
  • Photography Sessions
  • and more...




Just a few things to follow to get you prepared and ready!

Day Before
Day Of
During The Day
Day Before

The day before your event you will receive a phone call confirming your appointment time, location, and event type. 

Day Of

I will meet you at your set location and the time we have booked. Due to the various and infinite amount of styles, the time to complete could vary. However, rest assured that your look will be complete with ample time to relax before your event!

During The Day

If something goes wrong during the day of your event, I am available to help fix it! If you require a second session (or multiple sessions) during the day, please let me know while booking so I am sure to keep my timetable available for you!

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